Simulation Display System

This system is mainly applied in vision-based training. PACOM’s immersive dome screen with any projector is working to implement the virtual reality. Image warp & edge blending technology combine with multi projected images to match the color and brightness of screen to give you a single panoramic image on an immersive dome screen.

Ship simulation
Maritime traffic, berthing operations, ship operation in climate change conditions, Full mission training display system

Driving simulation

Driving, preventing drowsiness, mileage calculation, headlight angle and direction of research-based development display system
Helicopter simulation
Take-off and landing, flying at low altitude penetration, flying in climate change conditions, Instrument operation accessibility training display system

Aircraft simulation

Take-off and landing, flight in climate change conditions, formation flight, air-to-ground, air-to-ground attack, fighting wing, elevation flight training display system
Subway / Train simulation
Train departure, constant lane, slow rotation period runs, emergency such as fire drill and vehicle breakdown training display system
Individual shooting simulation
Zero range, sighting and aimed shot, street fighting, kidnappings training display system

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